Efficient SurgerY Concept

Standardizing the OR process

The Efficient SurgerY (ESY) Concept is a cross-disciplinary efficiency model that aims to support the surgeon and his/her surgical team in standardizing all aspects of the operating room (OR) workflow. Optimizing the surgical process leads to reduced procedure costs, improved working ergonomics and minimized surgical trauma. The ESY-concept aims to improve the workflow efficiency for all involved stakeholders including the surgical team, the hospital and the patient.

The ESY-concept divides surgical procedures into 3 major parts: OR preparation, surgical intervention and OR break down. All team members including surgeons, nursing staff and anesthesiologists are involved to rationalize instruments and standardize the OR set-up. The use of the Gripper and EsySuit (MedEnvision) contributes greatly to the standardization of procedures and boosting ergonomics for the medical staff. The Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) Hip replacement procedure is one of the ESY-procedures that has become time- and ergonomic-efficient by means of the EsySuit and Gripper technology. Retractor placement is made reproducible with enhanced stability and a minimum of soft tissue damage. This allows the team members to focus on the core task. Furthermore, it enhances post-operative recovery and patient outcomes.

Implementing the ESY-Concept in the OR leads to an optimized exploitation of resources and more predictable patient outcomes through reproducible procedures. However, it is mandatory that all team members are involved and well prepared. Therefore, peer-to-peer training through the EDA-Academy with online access to numerous educational videos is mandatory. With the ESY-Concept, created by MedEnvision, a better management of the OR expenditure is within reach in order to provide sustainable health care.