EDA Learning Journey

Introducing new surgical techniques or concepts into the OR requires dedicated training and preparation of the whole team including surgeons, nurses and anaesthesiologists. The Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) hip replacement procedure, is a new and innovative procedure that allows safely and swiftly conducting anterior approach total hip arthroplasty. The complete workflow of the anterior approach THA on a regular OR table has been standardized to a level that the procedure can be conducted swiftly by only 2 team members. The EDA Academy is initiated and supported by MedEnvision and is an educational platform that aims to help surgeons introducing the EDA hip in their hospital. The EDA Academy supports surgical team with online instructional training followed by tailor made visitations to one or more EDA specialists who will mentor the team during your learning journey. 

The EDA Academy is a peer-to-peer training platform that consists of 4 steps:

  • Preparation of the team and the learning journey with the EDA specialist
  • An online educational and instructional platform for the full team
  • A tailor-made training package with visitations to the EDA Academy faculty and with 2 levels of training: standard and advanced
  • On-site preparation of the team, the OR set-up and the EDA surgery by the support and guidance of the EDA Specialist



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