EDA-Hip Standard Program

Each surgeon has got his own experiences, needs and specific OR set-up. Therefore, we feel that each learning journey should be tailor-made so that all these different parameters can be approached accordingly based upon your needs. Each learning journey starts with dedicated preparation of all different steps when you want to introduce the Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) THA into your hospital.

You can prepare your learning journey with the EDA specialist. You can have access to multiple site visitations, cadaver workshops and on site preparation in your own hospital.


To set up a tailor-made package, it is important that we understand your current anterior approach expertise and expectations. Please contact our EDA specialist in order to prepare yourself and your team thoroughly.

Online preparation of the team is of utmost importance to successfully introduce the EDA-hip into your OR:

  • Register to the esy-concept website in order to have access to the videos
  • Registration of the nursing team members to the esy-concept website in order to have access to the team educational videos
  • Study the EDA-hip instructional videos
  • Discuss the OR set-up and instructional videos with your team



The most optimal visitation would be a team visit with all team members including nurses, surgeons and anaesthesiologists. You can visit all our EDA Academy faculty specialists based upon your needs. The visitation could be a 1-day or multiple day visitation. Please discuss this with our EDA specialist.

During your 1 day visitation of at least 8 to 10 EDA cases, you will be exposed to:

  • Stepwise surgical technique
  • Focus on the capsular releasing sequence
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Q & A

Each program will be tailor-made based upon your request and expectations.



The EDA-kit allows the surgeon to perform and trial the EDA technique during the on-site training. For more information please contact the EDA specialist.

The kit contains:


  Introduction EDA in your own OR

After your visitations to the EDA faculty, the EDA specialist can guide and support you for your first EDA THA cases in your own operating theatre for the first EDA hip procedures. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly prepare your journey with all team members involved. This will optimize the return of investment of all your efforts.

The EDA specialist will help you in the following parts of the EDA hip:

  • Optimization of your OR-setup
  • Support with standardized draping with the EsySuit
  • Guidance in the stepwise procedure during the first cases
  • Optimal retractor positioning with the Grippers
  • Training of the local scrub nurse regarding instrumentation
  • Tips & tricks


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