EDA-Hip Advanced Program

Multiple day visitations to different EDA Academy faculty members and cadaver workshops can be organized. In addition, surgeons with sufficient EDA hip experience can expand their knowledge through the advanced EDA hip training program. Extensile acetabular approaches, femoral revisions and complex primary surgeries can be viewed on the esy-concept website.  Advanced visitation with a focus on revision surgery or complex surgeries can be organized as well with the help of the EDA specialist.


  Multiple day visitation


It is possible to extent your visit experience further with training in surgical techniques such as:

  • Extensile acetabular approach and revision
  • Extensile femoral approach and revision
  • PAO
  • Hip Arthroscopy


   Cadaver workshop


To promote your skills and to put the acquired knowledge into practice, we organize tailor made cadaver sessions.

  • Hands-on training with surgeon-to-surgeon teaching
  • Focus on specific needs and demands
  • Step by step releasing sequence


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