I visited Dr Kristoff Corten during two days in July 2015 and could learn very well the details of DAA. This visit was very worthwhile and he and his team are all very nice. I do recommend that whoever wants to visit him DO WATCH his didactical movie step by step several times and follow the steps without changing anything. Doing so, you will be able to perform THA without any special traction table in almost any patient and in any hospital. Specialized instrumentation is strictly necessary which might be more difficult to obtain. I hope in a near future MedEnvision can have “The EDA Kit” easily available for those who want to take this wonderful approach home and start soon! I thank you very much Dr Kristoff Corten and Pieter Deboeck for helping me so much in changing my practice which allows a fast recovery of patients with less complications specially less dislocation risk!

Lafayette Lage