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Videos: EDA-Hip Rationale

Introducing a new surgical technique into the OR is enhanced in case surgeons, nurses and administrators are well informed about the procedure. We present instructional course videos about the surgical applied anatomy and the step wise EDA-hip procedure. In addition, the EDA-hip is an ESY-concept procedure that aims to improve ergonomics for the team, quality of care for the patient and economics for the hospital. We share our experience about how the EDA-hip was introduced and the economic model for the hospital has become clear.

Videos: EDA-Hip Surgical Technique

The EDA-hip surgical procedure has been made very reproducible by simplifying all steps and thereby making the procedure more efficient in all aspects. The instrumentation has been rationalized to the minimum required to conduct the surgery safely. The procedure consists of 3 major parts: capsular exposure, capsular release and component insertion. All different steps of the procedure are shown in short detailed videos. Overviews of the different steps and the OR set-up can be found under EDA Hip team education. These videos are also dedicated towards the nursing team.

Videos: EDA-Hip Advanced

The EDA-hip procedure is a comprehensive platform that allows conducting complex primary, extensile acetabular and femoral revisions. It is important for the surgeon to understand the surgical applied anatomy and stepwise extensile approaches in case of an intra-operative problem or during revision procedures.

Videos: EDA-Hip Team Education

The EDA-hip procedure specifically focusses on creating an optimal ergonomic working environment for the nursing team. The EDA-hip procedure is a team concept where the nursing team and the surgeons closely and interactively work together in order to optimize the efficiency, ergonomics and quality of care. The OR set-up, the surgical procedure and the OR break down has been made very systematic and reproducible. The educational videos aim to provide information about the most optimal OR set-up and instrumentation sequence. In addition, detailed videos about the different steps of the procedure with a specific focus on retractor sequence and retractor placement are shown. In order to better understand the full OR workflow, overview videos are also provided.

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